Shasta Administrative Services has recently redesigned its website to fit the growing needs of its customers. This innovative site integrates all aspects of our business to provide participants, employers, brokers and providers with important, powerful tools for managing their benefits.

Participants Portal allows covered individuals to:

  • Obtain their benefits information
  • Check claim and eligibility status
  • Look up in-network providers
  • Download important claim forms
  • Contact the Customer Service Department

Employers Portal allows plan sponsors to:
  • Check eligibility
  • Download plan documents and forms
  • Run specific customized reports
  • Obtain detailed plan information all online.

Brokers Portal allows brokers to:
  • View detailed products and services information
  • Access to their client's benefit information
  • Run specific, customized reports
  • Submit a Request For Proposal.

Providers Portal allows providers to:
  • Check benefit information for participants
  • Check the status of a submitted claim